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Power Stations

I paint Power Stations because they are symbols of a contemporary sublime.  The sublime is a concept that interprets terror, drama and intense personal emotions and applies them in an aesthetic form to explain the human condition.  I want my paintings of Power Stations to  highlight some of the dangers of contemporary life experience: the contast between  a nuclear power station with it's potential for catastrophe and how we live with it and take it for granted must be  worth commenting on.  The paintings confront the complacency about the dangers in the hope that it triggers in the viewer questions about the future of the planet.


Dounreay - 70cm x 50cm Fukushima - 55cm x 75cm Grangemouth Refinery - 60cm x 122cm - £975 Inverkip Folly - 78cm x 54cm Longannet, Fife - 60cm x 122cm - £975 Sizewell B Beach - Oil on Linen - 80cm x 100cm Cultural Deity, Sellafield - Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 120cm Neverland - 90cm x 90cm

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