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Artist Book

Artists Book 'Unknown Flying Objects on Aberdeen Beach'

Selected for the exhibition"Place, Identity, Memory',  curated by IRIS, the Artists Books group, shown at Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries in 2009 including the following text.

"I was brought up near Southend-on-Sea, Essex where, in quiet conditions the sea was audible from my bedroom.  During summer holidays my parents would rent a beach hut, and in order to make the best of this, we spent endless days, whatever the weather perched in deckchairs wrapped in damp sandy towels staring at the horizon. This has left me with an odd keening relationship with the sea, always preferring to be within striking distance, and feeling at home and comforted by the presence of waves, but at the same time a chilly resentment deeply embedded in my psyche, from days as a young child spent playing with wet stones, eating unpalatable sandwiches and dreaming of escape."

Rowena Comrie 2008

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